Through the looking glass: ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS

By Sci-Gaming Oirschot


A look at ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS on Nintendo Switch

Caps Lock titles are a thing this year, as we play another game with an all caps name: ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS. Maybe they need to yell because space is so big… Anyway, join us for a quick look at this new title on Nintendo Switch, because this game is best enjoyed with friends.


ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS (R3) is a 2D old style shooter with modern techno beats and colourful neon graphics. The style reminds me of Geometry wars: evolved, although they are two completely different games. The rockets are quite plain, but the background and the rocket trails are vibrant. The trails pulsate with the music, to add to the modern cyber space vibe. Projectiles and mines are also covered in paint and add colour to the background. This can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, especially during 3 or 4 player games. In the settings menu, you can adjust different settings to fit the visuals to your liking.

Team Rocket

R3 puts the focus on head to head combat. You can choose between three types of rockets that have their own setup, based in firepower, speed and maneuverability. You can also choose a team, that’s basically just the colour of your vessel, but it’s still a fun addition. Pick whatever you fancy and try to kick your opponent’s exhaust pipe. Unlike Geometry wars, you don’t fight waves of enemies in one area, but a fixed number of opponents in a map of your choice. There are two game modes: Bubbles and Tug-O-War. Strangely enough, you can only change this in the settings menu, so plan ahead before you dive into a new game. Bubbles is your Mario Kart like balloon mode, where you have three hitpoints, but gain a point every time you take one. Tug-O-War’s win condition is having a 3 hit advantage over your opponent and keeping it for a period of time.

You can select three game types: Quick, Zen and Tournament. Quick game lets you setup a game against up to 3 CPU players or friends, while Tournament is a friends-only mode. Beating up CPU players is a nice way of training, but there’s not much depth. There is no scoreboard or advancement, you just practice so you can show your friends who’s boss. This is the heart of the game: it’s a pure bread party game. Play free-for-all or team up with a friend and you’ll have a great time. The bright visuals and the awesome soundtrack adds to the excitement and chaos on screen. Although this adds to the fun, the camera can make it a bit too chaotic at times. The aggressive zooming combined with the 3D like background made me lose my focus more than once, making it harder to aim  the right shots or timing your shield. Luckily it does affect every player, but it would be nice if there was a bit less zooming in.

Spacing out

If you want to cool down after a hard day’s work or just want to make cool colourful lines on a relaxing techno beat, than you can choose to play Zen mode. This mode lets you fly around solo and turns your rocket into the multi coloured pens we all loved in our younger years (don’t try to use all the colours at once, it still doesn’t work!). Grab your favorite beverage  and just fly around and create a contemporary masterpiece while softly bobbing your head to the easy beat, or just float around and enjoy the music like I’m doing while writing this article. It’s a nice addition and I see myself playing this mode instead of battling a CPU. Also don’t forget to change the visual settings to fully enjoy this mode.


R3 is a fun party game to enjoy with friends, either with or without a wingman. Sadly, there is no online multiplayer support, so use it as an excuse to invite some friends over and play some party games. It’s available on the Nintendo eShop.

Played on Nintendo Switch

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